Wellness Journey

A personalized and practical wellness plan for your optimal body, mind, emotion, and spirit health.


Are you ready to get on a journey to optimal wellness?

Wellness Journey is designed for people like you who are ready to take their power back and make their lives what they've always wanted them to be.  You may be feeling stressed,, stuck, confused,  hopeless or lost, but you're ready for real change: to be well, to be in charge of your life, and to have the clarity that comes from knowing exactly what you want.


We're not just another one-size-fits-all wellness plan—we know that people have different needs and goals, and we're here to meet you where you are, on your journey towards optimal body mind emotion spirit health.  Wellness Journey is perfect for people like you—people who are tired of struggling and ready to thrive in all aspects of life with ease.


Our method is geared towards people who want guidance and support, but who also want some freedom to make choices and construct their own solutions. With Wellness Journey, you get both: a solid program with a combination of private consultation tailored to support your unique needs  and group workshops where you can receive group and peer to peer wisdom.




  • Anxiety Management Experience

  • Anger Management Experience

  • Grief Management Experience

  • Covid Recovery Experience

  • Optimum Health Experience

Perfect for INDIVIDUALS who want to:

  • Overcome anxiety, stress, burnout, grief, loss, depression, substance abuse, and addiction.

  • Identify and improve the root cause of:    
    Cancer, Autoimmune, Insomnia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Self-harm, Heart diseases, Asthma, Infertility, Miscarriages, PTSD, OCD, Skin issues.



  • The Ultimate Self Love Experience

  • True Love Attraction Experience

  • Ready Set Married (Pre Marital) Experience

  • Power Couple Experience

Perfect for INDIVIDUALS who want to:

  • Love and value themselves. 

  • Attract the right partner and find true love.

  • Improve self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence. 

  • Have the courage to express their feelings and needs. 

  • Break the pattern of attracting abusive people & toxic relationships. 

  • Overcome affairs, divorce, breakups. 

  • Improve their relationships.

Perfect for COUPLES who want to:

  • Improve their relationships

  • Overcome affairs and rebuild trust

  • Move on by conscious decoupling.

  • Reignite the spark in their relationship.

  • To fall in love again their partners.

  • To move on by conscious decoupling.



  • Family Harmony Experience

Perfect for FAMILIES (single-parent, special needs, LGBTQ, childless, adopted, blended, extended families) who want to:

  • Overcome conflict, sibling rivalry, caretaker burnout, abuse.

  • Strengthen bond, connection and increase harmony.



  • Abundance Experience


  • Start a social & purposeful business.

  • Overcome financial hardships, bankruptcy, overspending, and saving problems who want to improve their wealth and achieve financial freedom.


Our Methods



Rebalance your emotions. Release past pain, trauma, and self-limiting beliefs.


Gain clarity on what is best for you and what you want in life.


Empower yourself with tools to move forward in life.

Each journey consists of:


*Number of sessions and validity vary; each journey is available online and on-site at The Golden Space Center, Jakarta.