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Silent Day Retreat

with Cindy Gozali

The Golden Space Indonesia Center, Jakarta
Sun, 24 April 2022•10 AM-5 PM

Detoxify, Clarify, Energize your body mind, and soul by going inside. 

The world is a noisy place full of distraction. There’s literal noise—talking, TV, traffic. And then there are the other forms of noise that fill our daily lives with distractions, like social media, to-do lists and nagging thoughts. This 1 Day Silent retreat aim to quiet all this noise, and in turn, allow you to reset, recharge, and channel your attention inward. 

What is a Silent Retreat?

A silent retreat removes all the everyday distractions to allow you to be with yourself. It allows you to take a vow of silence for a given time. That means no talking during meditations as well as during meals, journaling, reading, and other activities. By removing distractions and verbal communication, you can reach a deep contemplation and personal reflection level.



Leadership & Communication Specialist
Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor 

Cindy is a communication specialist, certified meditation facilitator and the Managing Director of The Golden Space Global. Back in 2012 she embarked on a self discovery spiritual journey that transformed her life. She found the deeper meaning in life and how she can make a difference. Combining her life, leadership and entrepreneurial journey, Cindy is now joyfully living her life purpose empowering individuals to communicate with ease, freedom and authenticity. Cindy was the past president of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) Indonesia chapter and a graduate of the EO Regional Leadership Academy. She also kick-started the MyEO Awaken Retreat to awaken entrepreneurs to live a more purposeful, balanced and conscious life.

Key Benefits

  • DETOXIFY: Detox your body, thoughts, and emotions to return to balance & positivity.

  • CLARIFY: Gain greater clarity on your life. Redefine your goals & reprioritize your life.

  • ENERGIZE: Empower & energize your whole system towards the new you.

Who is this for?

Silent Retreat icons_Social Media.png

Technology & social media addicts.

Silent Retreat icons_Workaholic.png

Busy professionals and entrepreneurs who don't have time for self.

Silent Retreat icons_lonely.png

Those who feel unhappy and disconnected in their relationship.

Silent Retreat icons_Anxious.png

Those who are anxious and stressed.

Silent Retreat icons_burnout.png

Those who are  tired, fatigued and burnout. 

Silent Retreat icons_focus difficulty.png

Those who can't be present and focused.

Silent Retreat icons_shutdown.png

Those who can’t shut down their mind.

Silent Retreat icons_imbalance.png

Those who feel imbalanced and disharmony in life.

Silent Retreat icons_sleep.png

Those with Irregular sleep & insomnia.

Silent Retreat icons_time management.png

Those who want to reprioritize their life and goals.

Silent Retreat icons_focus difficulty.png

Those who feel overwhelmed with life responsibilities.

What will you gain?

  • Time for yourself 

  • Digital Detox

  • Reflection and Contemplation

  • Increased immunity & wellbeing 

  • Relaxation and Restful sleep 

  • Destress, Reset & Recharge 

  • Change your habit & form new healthy habits 

  • Greater clarity

  • A new direction in life 

  • Peace, Love, Happiness, Compassion

  • Inner Resilience 

  • Focus

  • Patience

  • Overcome loneliness 

  • Improved relationship

  • Reconnection back to yourself

  • Mental discipline

  • Improved emotional management 

  • Increased attention span

  • Regain a sense of what is really important in life. It allows you to reflect on the areas of your life you have neglected and prioritise.

  • Absorb more information in conversations 

What to expect?

Silent Retreat icons_no tech.png

Technology off and silence throughout the day.

Silent Retreat icons_no talking.png

No talking during meditations, meals, journaling, reading, and other activities.

What activities are recommended?

  • Rest

  • Reflect

  • Contemplate

  • Pray

  • Meditate

  • Read

  • Journal

  • Mindful Eating

  • Listen

  • Stretching

  • Do Nothing

What to prepare?

Silent Retreat icons_tumbler.png

Bring your own tumbler

Silent Retreat icons_message.png

Inform your loved ones you won’t be contactable during the silent retreat

Silent Retreat icons_hoodie.png

Wear comfortable clothes

Silent Retreat icons_read.png

Bring your own reading material




Rp 490,000


Rp 390,000

Paid by 18 Apr 2022

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Reflection Journal and 1x Meal

15 pax only. Waitlist available