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Why Children Need To Meditate In The New Normal

By Joy Surya

Mindful Mompreneur & Certified Angel Card Reader

E-learning, is a word that most parents dread during Pandemic. Children on the other hand, are dealing with a lot of situations and environmental changes. The most common feeling that children experience is total boredom due to isolation. They miss their friends and their teachers, while staying in an enclosed space 24/7 until an unknown period of time. Most children I encounter in class felt loneliness due to limited activities and interaction that was available to them at home. Often, this loneliness escalates to frustration. When this happens, a lot of children do not know how to express themselves and would start acting up, driving parents angry with their antics.

During the lockdown period, not only parents who are stressed. Children also experience their own stress, as well as absorbing their parents’ stress. Being cooped up in a stressful environment is not healthy for children physically and emotionally. Through meditation, they can start to get in touch with themselves, with their emotions and learn to share with each other how they really feel inside. Sharing their feelings is not only a way to express their emotions but also to heal each other, knowing that they are not alone. Through activities, children can discover that there are good things that can happen while being locked up in the house. Not everything is bad, and helping children learn to see the positive in every situation.

At The Golden Space Indonesia, your children’s emotional wellbeing is our priority. In children meditation class, we provide safe space for children to recognize and express the emotions that they are feeling. It is simple feelings such as happy, sad, angry, chill, relax, or tired. It is important for them to be able to be aware of their feelings in order to also find out why they are feeling that way. In class, we start with this basic skill. Sharing with each other also helps them to see that they are not alone. Their classmates in the virtual classroom mostly feel the same way. Through meditation sessions, it helps children feel calmer as they acknowledge the emotions that are going on inside them. By encouraging them to also exercise the habit of meditating daily (with the help of parents of course). A simple 5 minutes meditation for children once or twice a day is more than enough to help them calm down and boost their immune system. We believe in nurturing empowered, resilient and healthy children in the 21st century. Our holiday program returns this year in 2020 and we have presented our online mindfulness program, “Cosmic Explorers” where children create their cosmic journey story as they embark on a magical discovery of the infinite universe.

To Infinity and BE Limitless!

Cosmic Explorers



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