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Ways To Be Mindful At Work

Being mindful at work is actually not as difficult as it may sound. To de-stress yourself and do your best at work, all you have to do is try these most-commonly chosen ways to be mindful:

1. Start your morning with meditation.

It does not have to take so much time. About 15 minutes is enough.

2. Be consciously present.

Make a clear decision and stick to it until it is done. This means, do not think about other things while your mind is still on this one.

3. Be a single tasker.

Multitasker may get some work done, but the quality is not as good as single-tasking. Being a single tasker means putting your 100% focus on critically important tasks.

4. Use short mindful exercises and reminders at work.

Ideally, 30-minute mindful exercises are what you need when stress at work overwhelms you. Even doing a minute of breathing exercise in a busy work day can help you.

5. Take it slow.

Despite the digital era, not everything has to pick up speed. When making a decision, take it slow and do not forget to rest when you need to. Having a seven-hour-sleep every night makes your brain work more efficiently.

6. Be friends with your stress.

Consider stress your spar in a fun game you used to play when you were little. Instead of avoiding it, face it with courage and rise to the challenge.

7. Be grateful.

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with your life, do that on what is right. For example: be grateful that you are still trusted to hold a job, even though you have challenges at work.

Banyak orang yang terlalu fokus kepada masa lalu, sehingga sulit untuk maju. Misalnya: bila merasa masa lalu mereka buruk, mereka akan terus dihantui sehingga merasa bahwa diri sendiri kurang berharga. Bila masa lalu mereka baik, mereka cenderung terus bernostalgia hingga sulit menerima bahwa masa kini sudah berbeda. Begitu pula bila mereka terlalu fokus dengan masa depan. Ada yang terlalu mengkhawatirkan hal yang belum tentu terjadi atau malah terlalu percaya diri. Untuk itulah mindfulness (kesadaran diri) sangat penting agar mereka tetap fokus dengan masa kini atau momen saat ini. Cara ini dapat mengurangi stres, terutama di tempat kerja.



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