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Time to Let Go The Pain

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

By Micheala Anggono

What is Your Deepest Pain that makes you feel unworthy?

There was a moment in my life when I questioned my own existing to GOD…

When all the vision of my life was being shattered

When what I believed in was turning back on me

When I was crying by myself in my own sorrow and asking

Dear God…

What is the purpose of my life?

What is the reason of my being?

What and Why…

In that moment

I was feel alone…

Desperate and lost..

The deep pain

resides in my heart

resides in my breath

For so many years

I kept my pain and making it grow into my inner torment

I believe everyone have their own story that makes them who they are …

My Dear Families,

There is a reason why we are having a pandemic right now in 2020 that is attacking lungs and respiratory system in our body. In this time of purification, there is a lot of cleansing and healings going on. 2020 is the year of Great TRANSFORMATION, the year of many massive events aligning together.

2+2 = 4

4 carries the energy of Mother Earth, structure and foundation.

We are in the ground zero, clearing and building solid foundation upon which life we are going to be. Why we are having COVID -19 because lung is the place in our organ where we store the unresolved emotion of pain, sadness and grief. Every organ in our body corresponds to the energy of certain emotion, and every disease rooted from an imbalance emotion associated with that organ. Sadness and grief has a significant shrinking effect that make difficulty for us to breathe in. When we cry in deep sadness, sobbing is a natural breathing response from our body to expand our inhalation, a response to correct the shrinking effect from our pain. At the emotion level, deep pain can make you feel so little and unworthy and it is the lowest energy in the frequency chart.

That is why we really in the need to clear this part of us, the pain that has burden humanity for so long. So much pain that we kept for ourselves, and we are holding to this pain reluctantly letting it go. Defensing so much until now we are being pushed to go ‘inside’ and be honest about our self. As the first step into our healing is to admit your own situation, I call it NO MORE LIES! The title for the Super Full Moon in March 2020.

Yes, when you are being honest with yourself there are much more emotion coming up, and when the pain emerging to the surface, we have to really go deep, not only in the overwhelming emotion, but also looking clearly what is actually the lesson for this experiences. What makes us holding to our pain is we don’t want to let go the expectation of the situation we had. The expectation towards people we love and the ‘condition’ of what love is. We are so stubborn and rejecting any possibilities that might come out better for us, what we belief that it supposed to be taking over our life.

My dear families, it’s time to let go our pain and TRUST the journey. Surrender to the Divine Love that is always with us in the sacred space of our heart. Every experience that we have in our live is always tailor made specifically for you. Painful life experiences can really give a scar in our heart, giving marks that is so deep that make us decide to close our heart, to be on guard and in safe mode every time we sense something that can hurt us. Time goes by, we live in our survival mode and think we have moving forward in our life but still the deep pain is there and attracting the same pattern coming to our life!

So now let’s learn our lesson and grow together, this is the time to let go the pain!

Rather than resisting your pain, and so creating inner torment and suffering, it would be wise to accept our pain and weaknesses. When we are opening our heart so big and be naked in our own vulnerability that is when the magic happens! Many of us brought up to believe that showing vulnerability is a weakness. Actually, that is not true. It takes deep strength and courage to show our own authentic selves. Because when we are opening our heart so big that is when acceptance and forgiveness comes and this is the part when we liberate our soul and ready to the infinite potentials.

So my dear families TRUST!!! That this path will bring the best part of you!!! When we are not afraid to show who we are, when we forgive the pain and accept the story of our life, that is when we are expanding our heart to the fullest. Love you so much my dear families let’s evolve together and see you soon in our Cosmic Class.

Love and Magic


Micheala Anggono

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