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The Truth of Life

By Stacey Lee

Family Constellation Specialist

I have been practicing Family Constellation for years, now. Through the hundreds of constellations I have facilitated, I have gathered some interesting findings. Insights to ponder upon:

For females :

What you don’t like about your partner may be a reflection of your father's behavior (whether he was unavailable, having addiction, unreliable etc…).

You may not like some characteristics of your mother but you may be becoming like her.

If you are rejecting your mother in some way, most likely your finances, health OR intimate relationships have been challenging.

You may follow the same fate as your mother’s, in marriage, unless you are aware of this and do something about it.

For males:

√ If you are rejecting your father, in some way, or he was not available when you were young; most likely you will face challenges in marriage or when you become a husband/father.

If you are too close to your mother, most likely your wife may have conflicts with your mother.

If your father has an addiction, you may also develop or have developed an addiction.

For both males and females:

If you are second in order of birth, you may look slightly different from your siblings and not feel loved by your parents (or if you are feeling differently, you may not be the second born).

You carry both the positive and the negative traits of your parents.

Your partner may have a similar family background as yours.

If you are brought up by your grandparents or a nanny, you may feel that your parents don’t love you enough.

If your grandparent or your parent had money issues such as bad debts, you may repeat the pattern too.

Listed above are some common issues that can easily be addressed through constellation work. When you discover the root cause of your life issue, you will then be free from it. You deserve a happy fulfilling life!



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