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The Seven Levels of Work Consciousness

By Bagia Arif Saputra

Anger & Stress Management Specialist

Renown psychologist, Abraham Maslow, came up with the groundbreaking theory of Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow believes that ultimate growth in human development stage is self-actualization. This theory is applicable at the work setting. Richard Barrett, the Founder of Barett Values Centre derived seven level of personal consciousness based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as follows:

1. Survival

This is the first consciousness where most people must have gone through. We work because we need money to survive, to fulfill the basic needs of food, clothes, and shelters.

2. Relationship

Once we mastered our work to survive, we will use our work as a way for to build relationships. The need to belong, to be accepted, to be respected, and to be validated will be fulfilled in this stage.

3. Self Esteem

The third stage is when our work becomes a means to boost our self esteem through our position, title, or power.

4. Transformation

This is the stage where we start be more of our authentic self and aligning your ego with your life purpose.

5. Internal Cohesion

This is the stage where we start to ask existential question to ourselves. We begin to wonder the reason of our existence, the purpose of our life, and what meaningful life truly is. This is the initial shift of the transition to use our work beyond personal interests. You will create a vision for your future.

6. Making a Difference

The sixth stage is when you take action to actualize your life purpose by collaborating with others for mutual benefits and fulfillment.

7. Service

Once we have mastered the six levels of consciousness, we are ready to embody the highest consciousness to devote your life to serve. This is where you truly live the path of your purpose and walk your why.

So where are you now at your level of consciousness?



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