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The Sacred Art of Spiritual Flirting

by Siobhan Coulter

Spiritual Flirting is how you get what you truly desire: the partner; the relationship; the life, all in alignment with your Highest Self. It’s not about manipulation or illusion. In fact it’s the exact opposite. It is true, naked authenticity from your sexual heart to the energy of your partner or potential partner. It’s raw, powerful and effective.

Spiritual Flirting arises from a pure alignment between your heart chakra and your sacral energy. This Sexual Heart Alignment allows your powerful, sacral energy to fuel your heart’s magnetism and get the result you truly want.

When there is a misalignment between the sacral and the heart chakras, it can manifest in different ways depending on where the block occurs.

A quick way to discover where some of your blocks are hiding is to examine how you hug and which parts of your body touch others and where they don’t. Of course, how you feel when you do it is overflowing with answers too. During our current COVID-19 restrictions, you will have to hug your loved ones in lockdown with you, but it will still reveal your blocks and misalignment.

Once the sexual heart alignment is remade, the manifestation comes from your true authentic self. To bring you: the right partner, the right relationship, even the right life. So get aligned and start Spiritually Flirting. Heaven only knows what you’ll attract!



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