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The Initiation - Cosmic Pathway to 2021

by Micheala Anggono

The Opening and Closing of 2020

The year of 2020 will be the year we will never forget, for many it has been a rollercoaster year. Nobody can’t deny it has been the year of shifting, challenge and transformation. The implications of whatever we are going through this year will have lasting effects, even more it is a life transformative year! Alongside with other thrilling cosmic events, 2020 has been a year of purification. And with big major cosmic events lining up in December like, Eclipse Season, The Great Conjunction, and Solstice. For sure, we will end this most surreal year with a magnificent style! Now, we can see more clearly what I’ve mentioned before in the article New Earth;

“Everything that is no longer working has to go, everything that is not built with integrity will need needs to be rebuilt, reset and realigned with stronger foundation in greater purpose! 2+0+2+0 = 4 Number four in numerology carries the energy of the Earth, structure and foundation. We are on Ground Zero creating a solid foundation upon which we are going to rebuild our life on Earth!”

The Great Conjunction

Yes, 2020 has shocking up our life, testing our integrity to the purest form of what is the most important part that define who we truly are! This year kicked off with an astrological cycle known as the ‘synodic cycle’ – a time when two planets are in conjunction one another. Not only 2 planets resetting their cycle in this year, but we are having 3 planets; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and that is why this year 2020 is known as The Great Year of Transformation.

We already passed through 2 great conjunctions;(Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January), (Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in April, June, Nov). The last one will be Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on 21st December 2020, an alliance that happens only once every 20 years and it will be only 0.1 degrees apart, the closest Jupiter and Saturn conjunction since the year 1623! Their meet up in the air sign of Aquarius will marking the new energy wave, 2020 is at the end of two-hundred-year era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in earth sign. As Jupiter rules abundance and opportunities, it gives expansion of new idea to come up, and as Saturn, the planet that rules consequences, even it is a planet that is more cautious and calculating risk, in the other hand it can creates a better structure for new ideas and potential to become a tangible action! The winds of change now are really taking flight!

Cosmic Gateway of Eclipse to Seal Your Transformation

Since ancient times, Eclipse has always been a portal for spiritual growth, a cosmic gateway that helps us entering a higher dimension. Compare to others planetary and star system, The Sun and The Moon is the closest and most influential celestial body connecting with Earth, we are spinning at each other and having significant change; day and night, light and dark, the balance of two polarities. So, when these three celestial bodies lining up in one perfect line, of course it can bring some dramatic moment and change in our life. In the last article I am The Warrior of Light, I mentioned how Eclipse Season is a fast track of what will come eventually.

The cosmic alignment of Eclipse Season will be the key doorway to open The New Day, where the ‘glimpse’ of a new you and the New Earth not only possible but is happening! Eclipse season is accelerating something that would take far longer in normal days, not only it accelerates what is the best in you but also brings the darkest part inside of you. There will be a moment of Dark and Light in the same time!”

And yes, Eclipse season can be even more intense and harsh like frenzy emotion and reveal tantrum if you are postponing/ putting off /denying whatever you need to do in the past 6 months. Remember Eclipse is speeding up the inevitable. What you can do in the pre-weeks before Eclipse are:

1. Clean Up Your Mess!

Don’t wait till Eclipse to do it for you!

2. Rebalance Every Aspect in Your Life

Remember Eclipse is always about the light & the dark!

3. Accept any changes that is needed

The more you resist, the more it persists!

Eclipse season always come in pair; Lunar Eclipse in Full Moon and Solar Eclipse in New Moon, so you can feel the energy already coming since November, especially on the day of Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on 30th November. We can use this Cosmic Gateway of Eclipse to release unnecessary baggage so we can have a smoother way sealing our transformation to the highest potential!

The Initiation, Cosmic Pathway to 2021

So here we are at the Grand Finale of 2020. Saying goodbye to 2020 will be another emotional farewell for me personally 😊, I do love 2020 so much as it brings many realization and spiritual growth in my life. One of them is when I found my selves again in the most vulnerable form of me as a human being. In 2020 I made a promise to myself, to put my devotion and purpose to Love itself, to the Pure Unconditional Love, I am letting go from any attachments, the person, the thing or even the emotion that makes me happy and to choose Love always and always beneath anything in this world.

With the experiences that I’ve been through, I understand that only when I am letting go something that I love the most that is when I am breaking through my own judgement and my own prison. Letting go in here doesn’t mean leaving out something in resentment, but greater than that I choose to live every day in my life with opening my heart to the fullest, to find that in every aspect of our life there is only one force running, and that is LOVE!

And that is way this month of December will marking our Cosmic Pathway to 202. The Initiation to be Re-born again to the purest form of Love itself will make an impact for the New Day to come. The journey to find ourselves in this magnificence chaos and order, to feel the pain, to rise back, being honest with myself, to identify and feeding back to my consciousness, looping in the cycle of creation and evolution. This is why we are here in the school of Earth my families, we are longing with all these experiences to discover once again who we truly are, to find out what we are looking for all this time is within us all along!

Total Solar Eclipse on the 14th December 2020 and The Great Conjunction on 21st December 2020, these two cosmic events will be a perfect ‘holiday gift’ to end our magical year of 2020. I hope everyone reading this article right now learning their lesson and the most important thing is HAVE FUN! Yeahhh! Let’s set our intention on the New Day ahead in 2021! See you next year my beautiful family in The Cosmic Series 2021!

Love & Magic,

Micheala Anggono

Cosmic Meditation Series 2020: Last Part






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