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The Healing Properties of Art: A Personal Journey of Recreation

By Yodhananta Soewandi

Identity Mentor & Self-Healing Specialist

It is commonly perceived that art is not for everyone requiring a certain type of person or talent, which stops many of us from trying it out for ourselves except when we were little. However, by its formal definition art is not restricted to those subjectively labeled to have said talent. Art is actually defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Art like many things is a form of expression that comes from the deepest most honest part of us, when it is allowed of course. This is the main reason various medical fields have used it as a medium of interpretation and treatment. From Hermann Rorschach’s inkblot test to art therapy pioneered by the likes of Margaret Naumburg and Edward Adamson. Art can be a powerful tool to reveal the inner workings of an individual as it can put oneself into a state of intense focus where conversations with the self becomes natural as the subject matter is visually splashed onto the page or carved upon the block of stone.

In a world where impressions are everything, it can be difficult to be who you are for fear of judgement, ridicule or rejection. Many walk this planet with masks and facades to allow them to assimilate and fit into the given norm driven by the desire to belong and be accepted by something greater than themselves. This norm of modern life acts not to help us bloom but weaken our sense of self and stagnate our growth which for some become engrained in their psyche and define who they are. With such an existence, is there sufficient meaning for us to keep moving forward?

As a child I have always been obsessed with pleasing others driven by the dream of making the world a better place. Like a hero with a misplaced sense of justice, I wanted to make others happy so the world would be a bigger and better place without understanding the intricacies of such an endeavour. So I don many masks to get the job done, completely forgetting myself in the process. It was at that very moment I lost my very identity and sense of self, morphing into a shadow dependent upon the approval and judgment of others to shine and reveal my very existence. And when there light faded or turned away I would feel abandoned and alone in the depths of darkness.

For a very long time I kept chasing the light of others to help me feel that I matter and could exist in the world, maintaining a persona for as long as it served me and then shrivelling back into obscurity when no one is looking. In time this became the chains that strangled the very life force from my soul, which forced the creation of other personalities which took over my life for a time.

When I reached the lowest point of my life and wanted to something different, it is when I discovered the truth of the origins of the pit of despair I found myself in. This darkness that I have been fighting against was purely of my own creation which also dawned on me the very possibility that I had the power to change it. As I was living my life based on the light of others, I kept blaming them and the world for not giving me the light I needed to feel valued, important and alive. I was never able to become more than a shadow because I did not even allow myself the very thought of it. I have been denying myself to be a light myself because of the many masks and personas I held in higher regard than myself. As I have become less than a shadow of my former self, I did not know who I was nor who I wanted to be; but driven by the desire to be better than whatever I am I tried many ways in recovering myself and pick up the pieces I have left behind in the past.

It was when I picked up a pen and started drawing I began to notice something incredible, thoughts and emotions that I was not aware off began appearing on the page. As I expanded this exercise to other forms of art I began seeing glimpses of who I was and want to be on the splashes of paint and carvings of wood as times went on. And with that I started to build a whole picture of who I truly am and took the necessary steps to become whole again, one of which was a meditation practice and taking the Awaken The Divine You Program by Master Umesh H. Nandwani which help me turn the very image into reality.

It this simple and most ancient forms of communication that can become the perfect medium in expressing and releasing your true feelings and making you aware of the real and magnificent you deep inside. Art for me is not just the act of expression it is the very thing that helped regain myself and master my own life, being the bright light that I have always been and dreamed off.

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