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Sacred Dance - Seize The Joy & Healing Power of Dance!

By Micheala Anggono

In House Practitioner The Golden Space Indonesia

Sacred Dance is a very ancient spiritual practice that has been used around the world. We can see it in many indigenous ceremonial dance rituals, one of them is the circle dance in ancient Egypt, India or in ancient Israel, when King David danced ‘Before the Lord’, or in the form of whirling active meditation in Sufi Dance. This type of dance is not a performance dance. It is about how you feel in that moment and how that experience will give the whole perspective about yourself. It can go even deeper to the core of your energy and to embody fully of who you are in the Soul Essence!

The Essence of our Soul Core

There is a very specific energy that each one of us carry, our unique and authentic self. I called it the Essence of our Soul Core, in many lifetimes we are forging and shaping our Essence by having so many experiences that become a lesson and blessings for us. Every painful and loving memories of emotion, intelligence and wisdom from all lifetime, space and dimension is stored in our Soul Core. And when we fully embody the Essence in our Soul Core, it becomes very clear what is the reason you are coming here in this Earth. It holds the key to our life purpose!

The question is,

“Why by doing a dance can leads you to your life purpose?”

Because this is what happened in my life, in one retreats of the Awaken The Divine You program I attended , I have experienced an ecstatic dance that I feel I am merging into oneness, a state of pure bliss unconditional love, a very deep connection to myself and so many lifetimes I have been through, the pain and the longing to become one with myself and why I am here in this Earth. That specific experience not only unlocked my sacral chakra as it is our centre point of joy, creativity and pleasures, but also extent my spiritual path into another level, so many emotional healing and breakthrough upon my expression blockage. I open my heart to be fully become Love itself! After the dance I feel I am coming back to who I am with fully confident and aware with my own energy! In that moment I understand that I am using my physical body fully as a container of the Cosmic energy, where the connection from the Universe and Earth are merging beautifully in my heart and my body just move and flow in this beautiful Cosmic Dance. And this is I believed is where I experienced the Kundalini Awakening, a serpent transformative wave has rising inside my body.

If our Essence is stored in our Soul Core, then our physical body is the first contact for us to interpret and express our energy into reality. It is the medium we are using to understand and make an action towards decision in our life experiences. So, when we are dancing with the Divine Cosmic flow, we are marking our energy to the world! Not only, expressing ourselves but also claiming our true power in a very beautiful way.

In this Sacred Dance Workshop, we will be aware of our consciousness all the time. Through the dance, we are going to learn simple somatic movements to rejuvenate our body to its natural state while we are also improving our pleasure capacity, expression and purity in our heart, so we can receive even more pure unconditional love! And let me assure you once again this is not a dance class, you don’t need to know anything about dance, and you don’t need a special talent to move. Come and seize the joy and healing power of dance!

“The best gift that you can give to your self is when you become who you truly are!”

The key to ignite our own sparks is when we are having a true relationship with our-self. Do you want to be fully engaged physically, mentally and spiritually with your-self in pure bliss of love?

Let’s make it happen!

Love & Magic,

Micheala Anggono



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