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Ring of Fire: I Am The Warrior of Light!

by Micheala Anggono

Cosmic Tantra Specialist

What’s happening with me?

In these past weeks, you might feel strong intensity building up that might come harsh or even rough to you. Days of hard sleeping, vivid dreams, stomach problems or just a lot of tears and emotional turmoil. Welcome to the Eclipse Season 2020 my dear Family! ☺ Starting in early June we are having a triple eclipse where usually only happens two times in a season-one of the sun and one of the moon. But in this special case, we are having triple! First is the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 5th June 2020 heading to the second one, an Annular Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire on 21st June 2020 and the third one will be Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 5th July 2020.

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon is at the full phase and passing into the shadow of the Earth. A solar eclipse on the other hand happens when the moon is at the new phase and passing between the Sun and the Earth. While the new moon and full moon happen each month, eclipses can only happen at two opposite seasons per year because of the tilting moon’s orbit around the earth, a total of 4 eclipses in a year. Lucky for us 2020 gives us 6 eclipses! -2 solar eclipse and 4 lunar eclipse. Meaning, longer portal energy is opening up that helps us shift our evolution journey!

The Glimpse of New Day

Back in March 2020, I was conducting The Earth Meditation about “Welcome to the New Earth” (you can read the article on the link below) where I mentioned there will be an upgrade for each one of us. Starting with being honest with what you truly desire No More Lies and clearing all of your deepest pain Time to Let Go the Pain, we are being pushed to renew our roots, Break the Chain and be Free, for anything that is not built in a strong foundation will be renewed or even gone forever. Right now we are seeing how this solid foundation will be planted deeply into our core, what once seemed impossible now is undeniable! The cosmic alignment of eclipse season will be the key doorway to open The New Day, where the ‘glimpse’ of a new you and the New Earth not only possible but is happening!

Eclipse season is accelerating something that would take far longer in normal days. The dream project that you’ve dreamt for a long time ago suddenly finds its moment and reborn in the blink of an eye. The deepest pain that you buried inside of you suddenly intensifies and coming to the surface gives a total breakdown of cry me a river. The relationship that you think will last forever suddenly finishes over a night leaving no trail for coming back. The situation can make us either excited and charged or extremely drained and powerless. Frustration and heaviness can catch us easily as the energy is boiling up.

The Dark & The Light

What makes solar eclipse so intense and harsh is because not only it accelerates what is the best in you but also brings the darkest part inside of you. There will be a moment when the Moon is covering the Sun in daylight, so there will be Dark and Light at the same time! Unlike the total solar eclipse where the moon is totally covering the sun surface, on 21st June we are having an annular solar eclipse where the moon looks slightly smaller than the Sun, leaving only the outer, which creates the ring of fire shape.

This moment of darkness and light gives such tremendous energy, pushing and pulling 2 polarities of light and dark, giving us opportunity but at the same time increases the resistance of change itself. You might feel want to give up in the situation, feeling so powerless and tired of having the same problem again and again. This intense energy is needed and in perfect timing! Pulling us up to make an action in our life once for all! Transformation only happens when you SEAL your REALIZATION with an ACTION! Whatever challenge and hard situation you are dealing with right now, do remember my family, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

The Devotion of Love

We are being challenged into a new vibration, into our original being, the Divine Light and Love that is within us. In this high vibration we need to stop analyzing and make judgment upon everything that happens in our life. This mystical journey of life can never be understood fully! Stop judging others and yourself! Everyone sees the reality through their own perspective and can only meet you at the depth in which they have already met themselves. We just have to see the beauty in everything, including if that is something that gives us the most painful experience.

The next question is where do you want to put your devotion in?

To see beyond and above every situation, when the dust is settling down and the clarity comes into vision, you can see that in every aspect of our life there is only one force running, and that is LOVE! The challenge will come into you again and again until you can’t help but to see the beauty and love in everything, The Dark is The Light, The Light is The Dark, You are Me and I am You!

When we put our devotion in Love, we become The Warrior of Light! Our determination, hope and devotion is pouring into Love itself, we are not loving the person, things or even the feelings that make us happy. Our single purpose is to be Love itself! The Unconditional Love! To Love without condition, to give without expectation and to smile purely just from your heart. At the end of the journey, we are all coming back into the same Light, to the Great Spirit, the original force, that is Love and Light. So be in Love… Always!

Love & Magic,

Micheala Anggono

Cosmic Series: Ring of Fire



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