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Overcoming Loneliness

By Helena Abidin

Leadership Wisdom Specialist

I have experienced loneliness most of my life without knowing what have caused that feeling. I was too busy with my career and social life. The pressure to be successful had even brought me feeling deeply isolated.  I could be among the most prestigious circle of the society, but yet I felt so lonely.  Swamping myself with busyness, more projects, more works on the weekend was the way I coped with this feeling.


Being an introvert female leader working in an industry that is dominated by male, the only choice I had was showing up ‘strong’ by building even a higher survival wall. This has also put me into a deeper feeling of loneliness.


I felt “different”, misunderstood, not worthy and good enough, unloved and disconnected with my family and friends.  I withdrew myself from the social scene and preferred to be on my own space.


Only when I started to reconnect with my own-self, to develop more awareness on who I am and my values and to accept my imperfection, feeling of lacking and insecurity, I had the courage to liberate myself from this emotion.


The pandemic has forced us to work from home and to physically distance ourselves from others, including our loved ones. This situation has made the feeling of loneliness unbearable.  It is not a surprise that the world is facing a new epidemic of loneliness which is bad for personal wellbeing and productivity.


In this workshop, I will share with you my experience and some practical tools to help you liberating your soul from loneliness.

Overcoming Loneliness - Positive Solitude



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