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Not Feeling Enough: 21st Century Mindset

By Yodhananta Soewandi

Identity Mentor & Body Optimization Specialist

In an interconnected world where the majority of us can access any kind of information, connect with any person, buy any product and seek help at any time through the touch of a few buttons or several taps on a screen, it is strange to see the rising number of people who are stressed, generally unhappy or worst in this day and age. If it is so easy to be a part of a global community, then why are more people feeling more alone than before. Happiness does not come from technological advancement and looking at current trends it seems to be the enemy. From isolating parents from their children or to the growth of radicalism, these are not positive signs in humanity’s direction. However, we cannot so easily blame the machines and systems we have made because the one responsible for this worrying calamity is ourselves. This is because the technology is only the conduit of our personality, values and priorities, hence in order for the world to be a happier place for everyone, the one that needs to change is us.

But what needs to change? The feeling of not being and having enough.

Throughout history civilizations grew and expanded because they wanted to be more than what they were driven by a feeling of not being enough. Henry Ford built one of the most life changing inventions in modern history and owning these speedy marvels has become a quintessential part of modern living, but have you ever paused to ask yourself “Isn’t walking or cycling or public transit enough?”. This desire to be bigger and better than ourselves is engrained in us, but it has evolved into a mindset that has defined human life for generations. It is this very phenomenon which created the consumerist society that we all live in. A system of capitalizing on our insecurity of not being enough. How is it that we can easily be influenced by such a thing? It is because we have been programmed since birth from being bombarded by advertisements, suggestions and ideologies that you need more than what you have and that you need to be more of what you are. So, owning that latest phone or to have more money becomes the goal, and due to how pervasive this culture is, it is difficult to go against it because others around us have the same belief and judge the worth of someone based on it. But why should other people or society decide what is best for you and define your own worth?

It is this very mindset that can keep us away from living the best life because it stops us from feeling the happiness, the worth and the power that is already inside of us. It is one of the reasons why sometimes we don’t feel our efforts are good enough or our looks are good enough. Without being able to appreciate and feel that we are enough, we would not be able to realize how good our life actually is. Instead, we are constantly trying to reach that peak and find that point of success which actually is only a mirage created by our own fears, doubts and insecurities.

It is only when we shift our mindset to feeling enough and to being grateful, we are then able to be resilient to the programing of the outside world. Through expressing our true feelings with a commitment to be authentically ourselves can we manifest the best life that we all deserve.

And this expression can come in many ways because each and every human being on this planet is unique, which is why The Golden Space Indonesia have collaborated with a few organizations to emphasize this message and bring you the push and inspiration to take that leap of faith in becoming a better you, one that is enough, worthy and happy. So join us and let’s breakthrough the modern mindset to create a better life and a better world together at Express & Manifest – Indonesia’s Meditation & Manifestation Summit.



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