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Mars Retrograde - Find Your Own Way!

by Micheala Anggono

In-House Practitioner

What is Mars Retrograde?

During Mars Retrograde, you might feel you just can’t get it right. Two major aspects that will be effected during this cosmic alignment are the burning desire in your life purpose and your sexual drive. Even for the thing that you love the most in your life, you can’t find the passionate energy and joy on doing it. Your desire, ambition and passion just drop down and suddenly disappear. Everything become meaningless. The result from this situation might lead to certain frustration, depression or even rage. Anger and blaming towards yourself is the hardest moment you might have during Mars Retrograde especially in the House of Aries, a sign ruled by Mars that can give extra challenging time for us.

Every time planets go retrogrades, it means everything will be going inward, as the planet looks like it moving backward. Retrograde, station and direct cycles actually are illusion that result from our point of view from Earth, simply because all planets have different speed circling The Sun. Mars Retrograde only take place approximately every 2 years for 70-80 days that will occur from 9 September to 13 November 2020.

Mars is a planet of war that rules Masculine traits such as action, aggression, sexual drive and desire. And when we are talking about Mars, we will automatically connect to our Feminine traits, which is Planet Venus that rules emotion, beauty and love. Both of these energy running inside of us giving a perfect balance. And not by a coincidence, we are just finishing up Venus Retrograde in June, continuing with the Mars Retrograde along with other 5 planets. While Venus in her Glory Night (read Time to Let Go The Pain) asks us to let go the pain so we can be the person we want to be, now the Mars Retrograde will ask us to purify our desire so we can fulfill our dreams in the most effective ways.

Find Your Own Way!

The basic core of our desire are being purified during this moment. Believe it or not my dear family, you will recharge so much after this Retrograde. If you feel you have try everything that you can, but still it’s not working, maybe this is a sign for us to change our way. During this moment of going inside, you are meant to find your own space, clearing the energy and ask to your -self:

1. Is this The Divine Will that leads my life?

2. Is this why I am here in Planet Earth?

3. Is this the best way to manifest my dream?

Try Something Different!

Just because we have always done things in a certain way doesn’t mean it is the most effective way that leads to our destination. While Fiery Aries will ask the best core of us to come to the surface, it will reinforce us to innovate and gives us courageous to do something different. If you are embodying your life purpose fully, you will be asked to go to the next level where you become the Pure Unconditional Love!

True Love Never Afraid of Changes!

What you have in a relationship might change, the moment that you cherished the most might never come back, the person beside you might be come and go, but your devotion towards Love itself will never change! How it changed if it is you the whole time? That it is you that you love and longing the most! Acknowledge what you have been through in your darkest moment and what life has shape you. Everything that you feel is true, and you don’t need anyone to understand and validate your truth, everyone holds their own truth. We have our own experiences that we create in this life, so honor the energy and respect everyone journeys, only one thing you need to do and that is to come back to the Love that you are! Be brave enough to live with your heart open! Be in Love… Always!

Love & Magic,

Micheala Anggono

Mars Retrograde



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