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Managing Crisis With Compassion

By Helena Abidin

Leadership Wisdom Specialist

The finest test to discover a leader’s exceptionality is how they handle a crisis. Skill set is indeed important, yet the individual’s emotional and character strengths are both the foundation of crisis handling.

To be an exceptional leader requires experience in building self’s comfort level with doubt and uncertainties. It also requires embracing compassion in all actions and decisions. At the same time, one must possess nurturing, admirable and honorable characters.

Many guidelines can be found in learning and training modules on how leaders can handle crisis. However, these guidelines were created based on different situations and dynamics. They may not count the individual’s state of emotions, uniqueness and strengths.

MANAGING CRISIS WITH COMPASSION is different than the training modules available in the market.

This program will take you into a powerful journey to prepare your energy and to build your muscle for thriving uncertainties. With this, you can handle your organization restructuring, changing of business models, changing of team’s and customer behavior, technology adaptation which feels grounded, centered, unshakable and positive.

Research shows that 91% of leaders from global corporations agree that compassion is very important for leadership. There are 80% leaders who say they want to enhance their compassion but they don’t know how*. In this program, you will be guided to connect with the power of your heart to build compassion. Compassion is not a soft skill, it’s a POWER SKILL.

You will also be guided to build a quality character, admirable and honourable, as a leader through wisdom, courage and self-awareness.

In this program, Helena Abidin, our Leadership Wisdom Specialist, will facilitate a 2-hour workshop and followed by a scheduled one-on-one deep coaching session with each of the participants.

Having more than 25-year experiences in the corporate world, including being a member of the BOD, dealing with multi-national leaders, handing crises, running marketing division of the company and being the face of the brand, Helena is sharing her wisdom and experiences to serve world leaders to reach a successful and fulfilled life in their own unique and authentic way.

She is an introverted leader, combined with a rebel heart and a flame of creative energy.

*Harvard Business Review: Power Can Corrupt Leaders, Compassion Can Save Them, February 2018

Managing Crisis With Compassion



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