• Silvia Basuki

Genetics Inheritance: A metaphysical and scientific perspective

Yes, we inherit things that are physical.

But lets talk about what we inherit, that we cannot see. This truly directs our life experience.

As children, our brain waves are in theta state. Meaning, we absorb everything our parents do. From their beliefs, to how they function in relationships, to how they speak about themselves. We aren't fully conscious, so we accept them without questions.

Our egos are still being developed, and we're in an ego-centric state. An ego-centric state means that we believe everything is happening to us and because of us. We internalize everything thats happening around us.

Emotionally we are not matured enough to understand people's behaviour has nothing to do with us, and it has everything to do with how they feel about themselves.

And because we haven't reached autonomy (our true self), we still carry the beliefs and identities of our parents.

What we inherit:

Hair color

eye color


and more :)

What we also inherit:

Beliefs and ideology


patterns of behavior

ways of expressing emotions

ways of communicating needs

how we function in relationships

coping mechanism

who "we" need to be to receive love

and more :)

To heal, learn how to:

1. Identify our thoughts patterns, behaviour and habits.

2. Go back to the root issue, when you first start feeling this way (this certain emotion that you have been carrying and repeating itself throughout your life)

3. Learn how to accept yourself unconditionally, for who you are, and who you are not.

4. Replace them with your own personal choice, with what you believe, your highest truth. We do not have to continue to carry the generational stories we didn't choose :)

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