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Full Blue Moon - Embrace The Moment of Pleasure & Love

by Micheala Anggono

In-House Practitioner of The Golden Space Indonesia

What is Full Blue Moon?

You have probably heard the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” when describing something that happened not very often or rarely. Do you want to know where this phrase coming from? The origin of this phrase comes from one of the cosmic alignment that happens roughly every 2-3 years. It occurs when we are having 2 full moons in one calendar month. With the phase of moon cycle lasting approximately for 29.5 days to complete, meaning every 2.7 years a 13th full moon is seen. This year October 2020, we are having two full Moons; the Full Harvest Moon on 1st October and the Full Blue Moon on 31st October. This additional full moon does not fit with the normal naming scheme that is based on the season and what is happening in its own month like Harvest Full Moon because it is harvest time or so instead it is referred to as ‘Blue Moon’. Despite the name, the Moon does not actually appear blue in color, yet it may still have a bluish reflection.

Halloween Night

What makes it special, on this 31st October 2020, we are going to have the Full Blue Moon on Halloween night, the day in which the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Halloween 2020 is unique, as this Full Blue Moon in Halloween only happens once every 18-19 years approximately. The origin of Halloween can be traced back from the Celtic that celebrated Samhain, the final harvest festival between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice which falls around the end of October and early November. Samhain marked the end of growing season to enter winter months, the time where days get colder, the trees shed their leaves and resting period of hibernation. The Celtic tapped into this energy as a celebration of darkness, death is just another cycle of life. The void that carries hidden clues of afterlife realms gains deeper insight and intuition of the unknown. Samhain is the perfect timing to honor, connect and integrate back to our Ancestors origins.

Embrace the Now Moment with Pleasure and Love

How do the combined Blue Full Moon and Halloween night impact on us? The cycle of life and death from Halloween Night can give a perfect timing for us to cleanse and purge residual emotions before we enter the Eclipse Season in November. Having two full moons in a single calendar month also gives us another opportunity to recheck what we missed in the first Full Moon and another chance to revisit what we have forgotten and realignment as this Full Blue Moon resting in Taurus, an Earth sign that gives stability and foundation. Every Full Moon is always related to New Moon which happens weeks before. New Moon is about new beginnings, taking action and Full Moon is reflecting the completion of what we have been working on before. Gain more clarity how your past action has reshaped your present.

With these double full moons, allow ourselves to be open for more receiving and embracing the now moment with pleasures and love. Be grateful and cherish everyone in front of you, so many times we are complaining about what we do not have: things, feelings or persons. We tend to not appreciate what we have and making demands of what we do not have. Making excuses is one of the proofs that we are running from the problems. If we can accept whatever condition that we have in this current moment, both good and bad, the integration of darkness and light can give us a transformative understanding about who we are and tremendous growth in our personal life. Happy Halloween Full Blue Moon my dear Family!

Love & Magic,

Micheala Anggono

Cosmic Meditation: Full Blue Moon



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