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Essential Life Skill for 21st Century Children: Mindfulness

by Robin Muljadi

The Pandemic generation growing up with digital disruptions, e-learnings, work from home, social media, uncertain future have both directly and indirectly contributed to increased levels of anxiety, stress and frustration all around the world especially with our often over looked young ones. Children is currently facing mental and emotional health issues with the increasing changes, pressures and challenges in all areas of their life. WHO report states “10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental health conditions, but the majority of them do not seek help or receive care.” Harvard Graduate School of Education research highlights findings from Boston Charter Research Collaborative — a partnership between the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University (CEPR), MIT and Transforming Education that “Practicing mindfulness had helped hone the ability to focus in the moment, expanding students' capacity to learn and regulate their emotions.”

Mindfulness is the practice of observing your thoughts and feelings focusing in the present moment without judgement. How hard can this be right? Yet when I first learned as an adult to practice mindful meditation, I could not sit still and my mind wanders constantly until I found The Golden Space Indonesia where I learned how to meditate properly and until today I am always deeply grateful because the positive life transformation journey thru meditation that has helped and saved both myself and my family and I believe it can also help yours as well. I wish I had knew this earlier when I was young! Mindfulness is a quintessential 21st century life skill that every child can learn to use practically with ease and empower themselves to continue evolve and grow full into their full potential and be their authentic selves.

Children mindfulness programs at The Golden Space are heartfully designed to create a safe place for kids to discover, identify and express their emotions. Our intention and purpose is to nurture and empower children's well-being through their body, mind and soul within a supportive and safe environment. Learning mindfulness can and should be FUN! In Mindful Explorers program, children embarks on a journey of self-discovery in which they will unlock their innate capacity to be mindful, emotionally intelligent, confident, collaborative, balanced and resolve conflicts. As they complete their Mindful Explorer journey, they will acquire and practice the life tools to be more self-aware and the ability to express themselves authentically with love, joy and respect. Our children’s mental and emotional well-being have never been more important in these unprecedented times. Together we can plant the seeds in our children today for a better world of tomorrow!


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