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Embrace The Ripple Effect

By Micheala Anggono

Cosmic Tantra Specialist

Challenge is a must!

Pain is an option,


Change is the only constant in our life!

Dear My Families,

Do you believe that change is inevitable?

Eclipse is the portal of change, guiding us in our transformation.

As we are heading to the next Lunar Eclipse, we could feel the reset of our old belief system, the releasing of the old ways, giving space and time for the new to come. It is supercharged with the power from the Sun and the Moon as Earth is in perfect alignment with them. The next Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 5 July 2020 will be the super cleansing of our emotional cycle! At a Lunar eclipse, the shadow of Earth falls upon the Moon creating a momentarily block illumination in full moon. If something needs to be gone, and come to an end, this Lunar eclipse in Full Moon will be the completion of that cycle. Please read THE BIG SHIFT to understand more about 2020 Eclipse.

As after this you will see the ripples effect of changes you make. The new way and possibilities are coming in as you are aligning with the Cosmic Energy, the question of should I? Would I? Might be? will be gone. The retrograde of Neptune starting on 23 July till 28 November is helping us to make the completion toward solid foundation we are building right now. Neptune is the planet that rule dreams and illusion, as the planet retrograde we are starting to kick in how to make our dream into reality. The haze is clearing, the dust is settling, but whether you are willing to get real and make it happen is up to you.

Walk the Talk

The embodiment of new energy is merging with you at this moment and we need to ‘walk the talk’ as our action will be the living proof of the transformation! Start with a little thing that can have immediate results will be a good start and we can keep on building the reality by walking the steps. We know exactly that change can gives uncomfortable feelings as we need to step out from our comfort zone, stepping out from what is familiar and what is safe in our old way thinking.

Real change requires irrational passion, integrity and persistence. Yes, you read it correctly, you need irrational fire that makes you take the LEAP of FAITH and JUMP! Jump into the unknown of infinite possibilities, where Manifestation happens! If it doesn’t make any sense and sounds crazy, so be it! Our last meditation in The Big Shift already charged us up with the Divine Flame of our Life Purpose, so let your Fire burning and give the purest love and the brightest light in your path ahead!

Our integrity and persistence will be tested when challenges come, the devotion of love from The Warrior of Light will be the fuel for the Divine Flame, what we are doing in our life is totally to be Love itself in every aspect of our life. People can see clearly the need for change, to have peace and better life, but you see, the same people are the one who is unwilling to change, to question themselves, to reevaluate their thinking, their behavior and their attitudes. Real fundamental change happens when we are letting go anything that no longer serves us! Anything! Including changing our behavior towards the new energy. This is when our Integrity is being tested. How much do you want this?

Love & Magic,

Micheala Anggono



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