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Diffuse & Defeat Anger at Home

By Bagia Saputra

Work, Stress, and Anger Management Specialist

Anger is commonly associated with something that is negative or is regarded as a bad attitude. Therefore, a lot of people try to avoid it or refrain from showing the anger. However, anger is a normal emotion that everyone goes through. Such stigma towards anger leads the mass practice of suppression or the emotion itself, claiming it as “controlling emotion”. The truth is, controlling emotion does not necessarily get rid of the emotion itself. Why?

The word “emotion” is derived from Latin word “emotere” which literally means energy in

motion, which, if you shorten it, becomes EMOTION! In other words, emotion is an energy that is in motion within us. Prominent physicist, James Prescott Joule, came up with the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only transfer or transform. Hence, the emotion of anger is also an energy that cannot disappear, but we can transform it!

Why is controlling emotions not healthy? Because when you are controlling your anger, you are most likely suppressing the anger inside. According to research published in American Heart Association Journal, suppressed anger increases the risk of coronary arthritis twice. Research from European Society of Cardiology also proves that prolonged suppressed anger can increase the risk of stroke three times bigger. US National Library of Medicine explained that anger can also weaken immune system and cause depression & anxiety disorder. Therefore, the healthy way to deal with anger is to transform the emotion into positive energy.

To stop the cycle of anger, I have come up with unconventional approach formulated in REVOLT: Relax, Eye-dentifty, Voice-In, Oxygenize, Let It Out and Transform. I shall walk you through the journey in revolutionize your anger in my workshop DIFFUSE & DEFEAT ANGER AT HOME.

Diffuse & Defeat Anger at Home



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