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Demystifying Abundance!

By Stephanie Hermawan

Master of Abundance

Abundance is really just a state of being. This means it’s a sum of your thoughts and emotions. And that includes money.

Your thoughts can be programmed by many different external things in life. For example, it could be early programming by your parents, religion, society, school and, friends. It could also be by beliefs brought about by what you had heard or read, such as, “Money is the root of all evil!” or “It’s hard to make money.” If you bought into this programming, you may be having a hard time attracting money, have money but become “evil”, or you become “nice” but broke.

Powerful Emotions The other part of a state of being is your emotions. This is more powerful than your thoughts since your heart, which is the source of your emotions, is 100,000 times stronger electrically and 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain

(according to Heartmath Institute). In short, whatever your emotions are emitting, that is exactly the experience that you’re going to attract. Would you like to know what the emotions of abundance are?

Try closing your eyes now for 30 seconds to understand how abundance feels! Visualize yourself having everything that you need or have asked for. Describe the emotions to yourself. Now, open your eyes.

Feeling Abundance

The state of abundance makes you feel peaceful, loved, joyful, contented, trusting, patient, willing to share and supported. If you notice, this describes the state of the Divine, Creator and Oneness or what we call “spiritual”. Scarcity feels the opposite. Examples are the feelings of anger, frustration, distrust, competitiveness, lack, greed, sadness, depression or stress. There’s a tendency to blame anything or anyone and operate in a state of survival and victimhood. That is why you’ll observe that even some materially-rich people have abundance issues. They still operate from scarcity or victimhood. Their whole lives and how they run their organizations, families, and lives is based on a scarcity mode. Maybe that’s because they have unprocessed childhood traumas that have made them carry anger, disappointment, distrust and greed in their subconscious belief systems. However, there are many other materially rich people, who are also spiritually rich. This is the state that you want to be in. Once you have a solid foundation in the form of an abundance blueprint, then the money that you attract and the lives that you’re going to build will vibrate in true abundance; which is love, peace and happiness. The way you treat everyone in your organization, relationships and lives will be the same way.

Money Is Energy

Money is really just a form of energy. It is a neutral energy, and how it is used depends on the user (the human) or YOU! This means that money is not evil. The human is the source of evil when they vibrate in scarcity mode. There are common blockages, dualities or common allergies to money that make people want money but subconsciously their whole being-ness and every single cell in their body reject it. “… even some materially rich people have abundance issues… Maybe they have unprocessed childhood traumas …” 33

Between Money And Spirituality

One of the most common blockages is the duality between Money and Spirituality, which comes from different sources. In the past and even now you can see many examples of how monks and nuns renounce their material wealth in order to pursue spiritual lives. And maybe the person had been a monk or nun before in a past life and had taken a vow of poverty. One of two things that could happen if you still see Money and Spirituality as something separate is that you could be materially rich but unable to fully realize spiritual goals/missions. Or, you could be spiritual but broke and find it hard to attract money. The answer to this duality is that yes, you can have both money and spirituality! If this is ingrained in your belief system, then you will be able to have both. This is just one of the many common money blockages or allergies that people have It’s time to learn and see yourself for who you truly are: an empowered and limitless being. Once you truly embrace and believe this new vision of yourself, you will feel significantly empowered. Your financial conditions will start reflecting that new belief. Release resistance, expand your consciousness and be open to receiving the abundance you deserve.

You do need to upgrade your relationship with money at the subconscious and DNA level, and shift your attraction from Scarcity to Abundance so that you can have an easier time attracting money and have a fulfilling life!

13 Signs Of Abundance Blockages

Are you unconsciously carrying abundance blockages? You may be unaware of common abundance stumbling blocks that can hold you back, even if you are careful to keep your thoughts aligned with your vision board and focused on abundance rather than scarcity.

Below are a few common blockages that need to be cleared before you can attract more abundance into your life.

1 You have problem receiving (help from others).

2 You are overly thrifty.

3 You believe in working really, really hard, struggling, straining and sacrificing for money.

4 You believe money is the root of all evil.

5 You have fear of numbers.

6 You think most if not all rich people are evil.

7 You think you have to sacrifice (spirituality/ happiness/ family/ relationship/health) over money, or pick one or the other.

8 You believe friends/families will dislike you if you become rich. You also fear what others would think if you were to suddenly become wealthy.

9 You have a subconscious fear others would be jealous of your newfound abundance.

10 You believe others will be friend you with ulterior motives and worry that you will be unable to deny their constant demands for money.

11 You subconsciously fear the pressure of added responsibility that comes along with more abundance.

12 You fear of being wronged/ cheated out of your new found abundance.

13 You feel guilty for receiving money from helping people, you much rather prefer to be charitable. Overcoming these blockages requires you to identify the traumas you have and to purify these blockages at the emotional level.

The Blueprint of Infinite Abundance

8-Weeks Intensive Group Coaching Program The Blueprint of Infinite Abundance



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