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Cosmic News on May Super Full Flower Moon - Meteor Shower

By Micheala Anggono

Cosmic Tantra Specialist

‘This is too shall pass!’

These words really mean a lot for me…

Years ago, when I was in my difficult time,

I remember my sister said these words

It was like a bell ringing in my head

In our hardest situation,

We used to think that ‘this is it’


That we will always be in this miserable feelings

That it’s impossible to have a better version of our current situation

It is so hard to imagine something that is beyond our mind

When we are so stuck in our lost

Winning seems so far away…


What if this is what we really need?

An opportunity to see in other perspective?

What happen if you DO have a choice to change your life!

Will you take that chance and fulfill your destiny?

It’s all in your hand…

My Dear Families,

This is it!

Without a doubt, all challenges that we are having right now will change every aspect in our life. After this COVID-19, we are never going to be in the same position again, the new ‘normal’ is being redefine right now, the way we see education, economy, works, health, relationship, everything is changing. These are gifts from God to us, many prayers and wishes has been granted with this lockdown situation, a wife that wishes quality time with her husband, a husband that wishes spending time with his family, a child that wishes free time from overloading schools works. It is so funny how we are busying ourselves with goals and expectation of what our life supposed to be, chasing one dream to another just to find out that is not the true meaning of life.

Change is the only constant in life, every parts of our body renewed by itself every second, our Galaxy spiraling in the infinite movement, we are never in the same position ever. When we are seeing from above, our universe is like a dance, moving in its beautiful spiral pushing and pulling each other infinitely. But we can never see this beautiful dance if we are not changing our perspective and rise above the illusion, the drama of life.

One of major changes that I’ve been redefining is how I look on education towards my children. For all mothers out there, I can feel all these burden and pressure coming up with homeschooling and E-learning. Yes, lots of fight and struggle if we are trying so much just to fulfill the requirements from school and it will be even harder if we don’t want to adapt with the new situation.

What if we are using this time to reflect back, to what does it mean to be a parent in the first place? What is the knowledge and wisdom we want to transfer to our children? What is the most important essence for our children to grow? Are we going to just follow with all school curriculum and the standard bias of what a successful life is? Or we are going to redefine our own parenting, drop some or maybe all of our standards, lower down the expectations, and just do the best we can and be emotionally available to our kids? Have we ever even asked our children what do they want in their life? Accepting that success is not when we accomplish no 1,2 3 in the never ending ‘list’ but when we are becoming our TRUE self. Are you brave enough to stand on what your belief and make a real example to your children?

When the change come, it is like a portal, that give us an opportunity to change our destiny. If the old way is not working, why we are so stubborn knocking our head believing that is the only way? We need to breakthrough from all the chains and stubbornness that imprisoned ourselves! We can’t run away from our problems and this is too shall pass! If you brave enough to walk the path of transformation and just be FREE!

The best plan for a change actually is no plan at all J Yes… jump into the unknown, when you can’t see the end of your horizon and you can’t measure the depth of the sea, that is the best jump that you can do to make a CHANGE, the LEAP of FAITH. This is the time when we can start over, breaking the chains of every belief system that we put into ourselves since our childhood or even from many past lives we’ve been through! This is our upgrade to the next level of evolution,

Will you take this change and grow my Dear Families?

Love and Magic,


Micheala Anggono

Super Full Flower Moon 4: Meteor Shower



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