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Are We Truly ALIVE or Are We A "Living Zombie"?

by The Golden Space Indonesia

Yes, you ARE alive! The fact that you are reading these words at this very second confirms that you are breathing and, hence, alive.

Let us reflect on the way we live, though: is it enough to just breathe and go through life as it is until the day you die? Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer to this. There is, however, an alternative way to live: to be TRULY ALIVE!

Do you always compare yourself to others?

Do you always try to make everyone happy?

Do you tend to put your happiness as the last priority?

Do you suffer from any recurring physical illness?

Do you enjoy your job/business?

Do you find yourself trapped in the same problems over and over again?

If most of your answer is “yes”, chances are you are alive but you’re not TRULY alive. Just like zombies that we see movies: these zombies can still move, walk, even run to chase after a prey.. it SEEMS as if they’re alive but they are actually NOT! The only thing that matters to them is to eat brains. Well, we believe that human, is more than that. Human strives to have good health, relationship, work, wealth and environment. Have we been moving towards the effective and efficient direction to achieve these?

We are happy to announce that ALIVE, our annual urban wellness event, is back to help you achieve your optimum level of success in every aspect of your life! These are the five pillars of life that ALIVE will tackle:

1. Relationship

We want to have better relationships with people in our life: spouse, parents, children, friends, colleagues, etc. How do we achieve that? We need to start nurturing better connection with ourselves first and resolving any issues that we have within. ALIVE will cover every relationship aspect from the self to the others.

2. Work

Many of us stay in a job or business because it gives us security. Do you enjoy the work? Do they give you fulfillment and meaning in life? If not, we need to start breaking down the issues and identify if your job, career, and calling are all aligned.

3. Wealth

Do you ever feel enough with the money that you have? Do you have financial issues? Do you always feel lacking in terms of your wealth? Are you scared of losing your money? Learn the difference between money and abundance and find the secrets to align and attract more abundance into your life!

4. Health

Do you have any physical illness? How does the illness make you feel? Do you feel stressed out, depressed or mentally exhausted? Start to be aware of your mental wellbeing because it is heavily impacting your physical wellness and it works the other way around! Learn how taking care of both physical and emotional wellbeing can boost the quality of your health.

5. Earth

We live on this planet Earth, so will the next generations to come, including our children. If we do not take actions to inhabit this planet in better lifestyle, our children will inherit the damage that we cause. Find practical ways to take care of our Earth better because by doing so, we are also taking care of our loved ones and the next generations who will continue our legacy.

Being TRULY ALIVE is so much more than just breathing. It is you living your best life feeling happy, joyful, healthy, abundant, content, fulfilled, meaningful and full of love! Join ALIVE 2020 on 7 November 2020 to kickstart the journey!



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