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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

by Abyan Junus

It’s time for a true revelation of what is deep inside your heart

Have you ever wondered why there is a rise in divorce, affairs and multiple relationships today? Let’s talk about one of the most taboo topics in intimacy - affairs, infidelity, polygamy, polyamory and more. How were relationships defined in human history? What makes some relationships acceptable in some cultures but not in others? The way we view relationships is highly affected by our upbringing and how we viewed our parent’s relationship. Other factors such as cultural, societal expectations and even mass media has shaped our ideas of what an ideal relationship should be. In the “Affairs of the Heart”, this workshop touches on topics on how to deal with experiencing more ‘unconventional’ relationships which are not generally accepted in society and view it with a neutral perspective of no judgement. When we understand the history of how relationships work, why it came to be, why there is a rise in cheating and divorce cases, it may help shed light on those who face the same issues as well and help you deal with facing breakdowns in your relationship. This workshop is perfect to help you heal any hidden blockages which are stopping you from manifesting a true, loving and authentic relationship. If you have ever asked any of the following questions, then this workshop is perfect for you:

1. Can I be honest with myself and express my true fears?

2. What am I holding on to that makes me attached to someone or something?

3. Do I have a pattern of falling in love with unavailable people?

4. Why did this happen to me?

5. Will I ever be able to find a right relationship or soul mate for myself?

6. Why did he/she cheat on me?

7. Is it possible to love more than one person? Affairs of the Heart is not for the faint hearted. Get ready to really dig deep inside and face the truth that will set you free, to heal yourself from all your relationship traumas and create the life that you love.



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