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About The ABCs of Meditation

Feeling overwhelmed at work lately? Can’t shake off the worry and stress? Perhaps you need to do more mindfulness exercises to get yourself back on track. But what if you feel that you are busy? What if it is difficult to allocate your time for this?

No worries. The ABCs of Meditation will solve your problems. Whether you always feel tired and stressed out, or you would like to perform better at work, or you would like to feel happier and healthier, this program is tailored to meet the needs of people at work.

For starters, The ABCs of Meditation is designed for the establishment of easy, daily practice. There are four weekly classes you can benefit from and here they are:

Week 1: Overview and Basics of Meditation

Week 2: Meditation and The Body

Week 3: Mindful Minds and Meditation

Week 4: Meditation and You

No worries about being a beginner, because each week will help you progress and develop your practising habit. To keep it regular, you can download our guided meditations and both online and offline courses are available. Our internationally certified facilitators are both experienced and professional, so you will finish this program with a calmer mind a

nd more relaxed body.

The ABCs of Meditation is a balanced combination of silence and mindfulness. This program will empower you to master meditation. While enrolling in this program, you will receive helpful tips, tools, and a 30-day workbook. This way, you can follow the materials into practical, easy, and daily practice. It is quickly and efficiently.

So, if your past methods have failed you and would like to try a proven process for a change, get yourself ready to enroll in The ABCs of Meditation. Contact us for more enquiries and further discussions.

Salah satu keluhan umum pekerja adalah sulitnya meluangkan waktu untuk relaksasi. Di tengah tuntutan kerja yang semakin serba cepat dan tepat, stres rentan menyerang para pekerja – bahkan yang paling aktif dan profesional sekali pun. Untuk itulah The ABCs of Meditationhadir. Dengan jadwal kelas empat kali dalam sebulan, pekerja tidak perlu khawatir akan pembagian waktu. Selain itu, masih ada materi dan tips yang bisa diunduh juga secara online, serta buku latihan 30-hari meditasi.



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