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2021 The Year of Refinement - New Beginning, Are You Ready?

By Micheala Anggono

In-House Practitioner

Welcome to the year of 2021 families! What is waiting for us in this year? Are you having the same excitement like me? With the New Year, a fresh energy wave is coming to us, a higher vibration of The Aquarian Light is also starting to emerge within each of us. January will give you the heads up for this Aquarian energy as there are 5 celestial body positioned in Aquarius these couple weeks; The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and The Moon. Another addition to this incoming, we are experiencing days of no retrogrades from 14th January till 30th January 2021, a rare cosmic event that help us to digest and merging into this new wave of energy! So what is actually waiting for us in this year? Are you having the same excitement like me? 😊

Let’s look into the Universal Year 2021 carries. In Numerology, every digit numbers carries a unique energetic field and imprint. So, when we add up each calendar year to a single digit number, we called this The Universal Year, meaning everyone on the planet will experience the energy of this particular number, from January 1st to December 31st. It gives us a clue to know what is the focal key point for our life theme throughout the year.

2021 is a 5 Universal Year

2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5

2021 The Year of Refinement

The Number 5 carries the energy of Change. It emphasizes in bringing new ideas, exploration, thinking out of the box, adventurous experiences, fearless and free spirit energy. Everything can feel unpredictable and jumbling up, lots of choices, ideas and variety will be coming to us. These wider spectrums of choices can made us in multitasking roles and tasks, it could become overwhelming for some people, as more choices sometimes giving us more tension in order to achieve the ultimate best decision. You might relate to how it feels when you are trying to choose a restaurant or struggling to choose a new Netflix to watch. How many times have you searched and scrolled through list, only to choose something you have seen and went to the same restaurant again or even ending up not doing anything? 😊

That is why number 5 also teach us to Master our own Freedom, how we manifest our dreams by forging our skills through discipline, commitment and focus. Make priorities of what we want to achieve and understand truly that we are saying No to something/someone is because we are saying Yes to the things that resonate with our true energy. This is where we are truly refining our own-self to become who we truly are, the essence of our soul. Never before we are given so many opportunities to understand ourselves in a deeper level. Inner freedom to liberate ourselves from the conventions of life. The lightness and the creative force emerge when we are shedding the things that aren’t working, what we choose to focus upon will give energy to manifest our dream. We become more aware and conscious with ourselves. The quest for deep experiences and exploration at the end will refine us to be who we truly are, the Love and Light in our purest form. Here I am sharing key points to make the most out of 202

5 Key Points for 2021’s life theme:


Saying No is Saying Yes to What You Want


Finish One Course Until Success


Commitment is the key to Master your life purpose


Through Discipline Comes Freedom


New Day, New Way, New Results!

Get ready families for the upgrade in your Light Code!

Love & Magic,

Micheala Anggono



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