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What the new year brings to you will depend on a great deal on what you bring to the new year. What is your new goals in all areas of your life this year? Happy new beginning, happy new feels, happy new chances. EXPRESS yourself & MANIFEST magic!


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Stress & Energy Check Up

Asses your stress & energy level with our state-of-the-art machine scan.

What is Stress & Energy Check Up?

Stress & Energy Check Up Procedure

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Health Consultation

Scan your wellbeing and get a holistic view of your physical & emotional health.

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Oracle Card Reading

A powerful tool for those seeking guidance in life to give insight into careers, relationships, and finances while giving the recipient peace of mind and confidence in their decisions.

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Relationship Consultation

Grow yourself and your skills and confidence for successful, lasting relationships - with a partner, with your kids, with your team at work - wherever relationships matter

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Automatic Writing

Helping you to receive a spiritual perspective on what is happening in your life and can provide answers to your questions.




Room 2

Bringing Joy to Plants by Susse Rajam

• Empty mineral water / soft drinks bottle 1.5L or bigger

• Soil

• Thick string or cord 6-8 inches long

• Scissors

• Cutter

• Seedlings or a small plant - e.g. money plant or herbs such as basil, rosemary, mint

• Newspaper

Reconnecting Human's Love to Animals by Yoshimi Janus

• Bring your pet or you can bring a picture of your pet/any animal pictures that you would like to connect to

Art Healing by Yodhananta Soewandi

• Square Canvas (30cmx30cm)

• Metal Ruler (30cm)

• At least 6 Acrylic Paints of any color (min. size 35ml)

• Optional: cake turntable

Express Yourself with Melodies by Kiki Juliar

• Pen

• Notebook/Journal

New Year New Me by Abyan Junus - Nishizawa

• Access from a laptop

• Software: PowerPoint or Google Presentation (to present their vision board)

• Pinterest Account (Optional)

Room 3

Infinite ME! by Joy Surya

• Paper

• Colouring supplies (paint/crayons/colored pencils/markers)

• Glue

• Any kind of art supplies you have at home such as glitter, stickers, origami paper (optional)



Q: How do I move from one room to the other?

A: We will send you an email with links from all three rooms, and we will be sharing the links in the chatbox throughout the event

Q: Bagaimana caranya untuk pindah dari ruangan satu ke ruangan lainnya?

A: Kami akan mengirimkan email yang berisikan link untuk semua ruangan dan kami juga akan mengirimkan link ke ruangan lain selama event berjalan

Q: I have registered through the website but I haven't received any email

A: Please double check your email spam or contact us via Instagram Direct Message/ Whatsapp at +62 812 9338 3162
Q: Saya sudah daftar, namun belum menerima email

A: Silahkan cek kembali spam email anda atau hubungi kami via Direct Message Instagram/Whatsapp di +62 812 9338 3162


Q: What do I need to prepare for the art classes?

A: Please visit There will be instructions for all the things you need to prepare for the art classes

Q: Apa yang perlu saya persiapkan untuk kelas-kelas di ruangan Art?

A: Silahkan kunjungi Disana akan ada petunjuk seputar keperluan yang dibutuhkan untuk  kelas-kelas art

Q: How do I register for Stress and Energy Check-up or the other online consultations?

A: We will contact you directly after you purchase your regular ticket (not all access pass) via and our admin will schedule your consultation slot

Q: Bagaimana caranya untuk saya daftar Stress and Energy Check-up atau konsultasi online lainnya?

A: Kami akan menghubungi anda secara langsung setelah pembelian tiket reguler via dan admin kami akan menjadwalkan konsultasi anda

Q: What is the difference between "Normal Price" and "All Access Pass" ?

A: Normal price includes access to all three rooms + FREE online consultation. With an all-access pass, you will only get access to all three rooms with NO online consultation.

Q: Apa perbedaan "Normal Price" dan "All Access Pass?"

A: Normal price sudah termasuk akses ke semua ruangan dan konsultasi online GRATIS. Dengan all-access pass, Anda hanya mendapatkan akses ke semua ruangan TANPA konsultasi online



Rewatch Ticket: Rp 299,000

Full access to rewatch all talks & meditations, healing art workshops, and family and children talks & meditations across 3 rooms