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Starts in 36 hrs 58 mins
BALANCE Meditation: Heart and Mind Balance
Starts in 60 hrs 58 mins
TGI Free Meditation
Starts in 75 hrs 58 mins
PEACE Meditation: Peaceful Home

POWER Meditation: Tapping Into Your Infinite Energy
Meditation for BEGINNER
TGI Free Meditation
Free Preview!! Crystal Activation & Healing Your Inner Child.
Crystal Activation for Healing with Beatrice Lee
Private Session with Phil Gruber
Private Session with Siobhan Coulter
Manifestation Meditation with Cindy Gozali
Closed for Public
Closed for Public
LIGHT UP! (ATDY Graduates Only)
Public Holiday
Private Session with Nia Beyerlein
+ ENERGY @Work Charger: Rediscover Your Life Purpose
PEACE Meditation: Peaceful Soul
Mindfulness for Children: Play & Connect with Nature @ Taman Suropati
Animal Reading (FREE)
BALANCE Meditation: Body Balance
OUTDOOR Meditation: Spring Clean Yourself
+ ENERGY @Health Charger: Healthy Expression
Energy Reading @ Ev Hive
ALIVE 2018
BALANCE Meditation: Spiritual and Material Balance
+ENERGY Work Charger: Rediscover Your Life Purpose
POWER Meditation: Break Through Your Limit
PEACE Meditation: Peace at Work
Private Session with Phil Gruber

Phil Gruber is acknowledged world-wide as one of the foremost teachers of Light Language, Sacred Geometry, Secrets and Mysteries of the Magdalenes, the True Nature of Angels and the Structure of the Angelic Kingdoms, Advanced Systems of Healing, the Indigo Children and a host of other exciting subjects.  He is one of the most engaging and popular speakers the world over.
His passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, sparkling wit and intelligence have made him a much-loved and highly respected lecturer on the international scene. Phil is featured in the critically acclaimed documentary "The Indigo Evolution", and has spoken on the Magdalene Mysteries at the United Nations. He is co-author, with James Tywman, of "The Kabbalah Code", published by Hay House.
Phil is a licensed acupucturist, a registered lymphologist, and spent many years working as an trend analyst, consultant  and personal success coach.  He is futurist and well known in the field of systems thinking.  He is a highly respected and popular speaker on the international scene and has spoken at the United Nations.

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